Our Annual Events Calendar

In our annual events calendar you will see all the fun exciting events and experiences our children will be taking part in, for example Graduation, trips, sports day, Christmas events and much more.

Download the Annual Events Calender (pdf)


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CPD Staff Training 2018

Please see below what training our staff will be taking part in over the next few months. This is subject to change due to new training being available for staff.

January 2018
- The wonderful life of a two year old
- Glasgow counts in all playrooms
- Leadership
- Growing good citizens
- Autism awareness
- Domestic abuse
- Health and social care
- Stem training (session 4)
- Schematic play

February 2018
- Oh Lila training
- FGM (child protection)
- Stem training (Session 5)
- Play on Pedals

March 2018
- First aid training


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The Child Protection Officers for Balmore Kindergarten:

Annette Brown Kathleen Berry

The Named Person

The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

The Named Person

Most children and young people get all the support they need from their parents, wider family and community, but sometimes, perhaps unexpectedly, they may need a bit of extra help. Many parents say that when they need help it’s not available and they don’t know who to go to.

The Named Person ensures that there is someone who is responsible for helping them get the support they need if and when they need it. From 31 August 2016, children and young people from birth to 18, or beyond if still in school, and their parents will have access to a Named Person to help them get the support they need. (For more information click the picture above or follow this link: http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0050/00500763.pdf).