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Nursery committees


Welcome to our Nursery Committee's

  • Parents' Committee

Our parents committee come together with management to discuss nursery life and share idea's, they also help with organising children's events.

  • Children's Committee

Our children's committee is the life and soul of our environment, our children are strong, independent and responsible citizens who help make decisions regarding the life of our nursery.

  • Eco/My worlds outdoors Committee

This is lead by one staff member from each children department, together with their children they create action plans for us to gain our green flag and make use our wider community to help them.

  • Charity Committee

Our charity committee is made up by one staff from each department, together we make a yearly plan of what fundraising we are going to do. We set targets and share ideas of how we are going to make these targets. Our charity committee is also in charge of fundraising for the nursery.

  • How good is out early learning and childcare (HGIOELCC) Committee

Our HGIOELCC committee is made up with our management team, room seniors and all service users, together they assess the quality of our nursery service and how is being used.