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Owl department is where all our 2 to 3-year-old children enjoy playing and learning. We have two large playrooms were the children can free flow between, each room has a variety of play areas for the children to explore. The owls follow a flexible routine to begin to learn about structure and timing throughout the day that can be changed easily to fit in with the needs of the individual children. The children within the owl room are learning how to move and discover what they can do with their bodies needing lots of space to be active and run around. Both of the rooms open out into different garden areas to encourage them to be active and build upon gross motor skills in all weathers discovering the wonders of nature.

The owls love to explore messy play activities and experience new texture's. One of our rooms has a dedicated mess area in which we have sand/water and an art area to discover being creative. They can investigate ways in which to make marks building the foundations of fine motor skills for later when they learn to write.

Each area in the rooms has multiple choice of experiences that the children can choose from each day. This is so the children can become independent and benign to make their own choices building upon independence.

We focus on helping parents transition their child into toilet training following the same routine as they do at home for continuity for the child and not to confuse them. We concentrate on no more 5 children at a time so that we can give them our full attention. As this is a big transition that may take some time for the child to be fully confident and independent.

We have devised toilet training packs to start with your child giving them an introduction to toilet training, each pack contains:

  • a book,
  • our toilet training policy,
  • toilet chart with stickers,
  • and a notebook.

This is so you can keep track of how often they use the toilet at home and in the nursery.

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