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In our penguin department, we provide a safe and stimulating environment for our 3-5-year-old's. We ensure that the needs of each child are being met and we promote their well-being. Activities and play opportunities both indoors and outdoor are provided to develop children's emotional, physical, social, intellectual, language and creative capabilities. Our environment encourages our children to be confident and independent and to develop their self-esteem.

Our main focus is Jolly Phonics and Phonological awareness as this helps our children prepare for their transition into school. We enjoy learning outdoors and learning about the environment, exploring nature,

Our children have the opportunity to choose activities, be active indoors and outdoors and to rest if need be.

We also have partnership with Glasgow City Council, this allows us to offer Council funded placements within our nursery for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Each funded placement is a total of 20 hours per week and these hours can be used to suit individual family needs. For more information on how our funded placements can help you, please contact us as we are more than happy to further discuss.

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